About me and my studio

Every object and the spaces around us have a beauty, an emotion and a story that has to be told. I want to give every moment something that makes you remember it.


I named my studio Autre Choix, meaning ‘the other choice’. I think differently and I love to share my ideas and help people to look beyond a certain point. My inspiration is everywhere; with a background in art and cultural studies I like to compose, collect and search ideas. Finding new insights, for things that seem impossible, is what makes me tick.  I have a genuine interest in all kinds of materials, but I have a passion for textiles. It is fascinating how fabrics can transform a room or interact with a person by its endless varieties in colour, material and shapes.


I want to bring stories alive and I honestly believe that everything is possible. Autre Choix offers custom made projects and bespoke pieces for clients.


Kind regards,

irene van ophoven